Luxury Villa in Cannero Riviera

Villa Orsi was built in 1905 and served as the home of Angelo Orsi, the owner of “Spazzole Verbania”, a factory for all kinds of brushes. The grand, three story Villa is situated on a 3’400 m2 plot consisting of a typical Italian garden and a lovely park populated by an old stock of trees, directly by Cannero Riviera’s harbor on Lake Maggiore.

The Villa has been renovated to a high standard and fitted with all the modern amenities.
Great care has been taken to ensure the Villa stays true to its original style and the flair of the past era preserved. Ancient frescoes on the ceilings have been unveiled under thick paint and the different rooms are rid from stylistic inconsistencies of the 60’s and 70’s to restore them to their original beauty.


The History of Villa Orsi

The Villa Orsi was occupied by Angelo Orsi, the owner of the brush manufacturer “Spazzole Verbania”, and his family. The premises where the old factory was located is today home to the holiday complex of Hapimag. The Villa stood empty for many years before the current owner purchased and restored this sleeping beauty in 2016/17.



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